The Treecycle

Is there a demand??? Is there a demand for recycled products? Lots of friends and family ask me about this question. I will let the facts answer. Now days there is a ton of items that are recycled that we use everyday. From the road that we drive on to playgrounds to magazines. People are usually surprised to find out the amount of recycled products from everyday use. Americans make around 260 million tons of trash/recycling products and composted around 90 million tons. 34.3 percent of that gets recycled. So for every 4 lbs of trash only 1 lb gets … Continue reading The Treecycle

zero spinner

The spinners my daughter is picking up is crazy. They are everywhere they are sharp and my daughter said that she saw somebody get their eye poked out. I dont know if I believe that but still. With total Cart Blanch these are a waste of time.