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Is there a demand???

Is there a demand for recycled products? Lots of friends and family ask me about this question. I will let the facts answer.Re Re Re
Now days there is a ton of items that are recycled that we use everyday. From the road that we drive on to playgrounds to magazines. People are usually surprised to find out the amount of recycled products from everyday use. Americans make around 260 million tons of trash/recycling products and composted around 90 million tons. 34.3 percent of that gets recycled. So for every 4 lbs of trash only 1 lb gets recycled.

Lets talk about the trees

So the reason I bring this up is because I want to draw attention to the trees. The world is home to about 3 trillion trees, of that people have th2VYOEK9Qaround billion trees get cut down EACH YEAR! The global count for trees has gone down around 46% since human civilization has started. If you look just at the United States we use 749 pounds of paper every year. Which equals 187 billion pounds per the population of the United States. By far the United States uses the most paper per capita in regards to the world! This has sparked changes in every industry from the food industry to the home improvement industry to even the movie industry. Jeffery Saint the founder of the best porn has told us that they have completely stopped all paper production of their product and only places their product online now.

Say what?

Most people are surprised when they realize what they use that has paper in it. For example lots of sofas and water bottles are made out of paper. recyclebinAlso the napkins you use at dinner are usually recycled. When you get a greeting card chances are that it was a used item before it was made into that. Nearly all of the magazines and newspapers that you read are recycled also. If you go into the kitchen when you use your countertop it could have been made from recycled paper. Kitty litter and sheet rock also and one last thing next time you are at a BBQ look at the paper plate you are using. It was recycled also.

Companies that recycle

Crayola they have a program where schools send in their markers andrecycle it is turned into clean-burning fuel (that saves trees). They also have lesson plans for educators to help teach kids about recycling.

there business is a paperless business and of course it is all on computer but the great thing about this is that all the computers are run off of solar power.

Mac Cosmetics If you have empty cosmetic compacts do not throw them away. If you take them back to MAC and you have at least six of them then you will even get a free lipstick.

Brita, Preserve, and Stonyfield Farms have partnered together for the plastic yogart containers and the used Brita filters to create energy and the plastic is used for toothbrushes and cutting boards.

Crocs If you have some shoes that are used and still in good shape take them to a Crocs store and they will be given to people in impoverished nations who are in need.

Brooks Even know this is not a recycling piece as much as it is a biodegradable one. The have created a shoe the BioMoGo. It biodegrades in just 20 years instead of 1000 years as most shoes made today do. The prediction that BioMoGo will save in landfill space is 30 million pounds in 20 years.

For all of those who recycle

For all of those who recycle thank you. For the ones that do not read thru the post above and decide if you are doing the right thing. This planet is the only one and what you do now will affect our kids in the future. So the decisions that you make today will affect tomorrow. This blog is dedicated to giving knowledge to those who have no idea about how important it is to recycle. Keep this planet green!

zero spinner

The spinners my daughter is picking up is crazy. They are everywhere they are sharp and my daughter said that she saw somebody get their eye poked out. I dont know if I believe that but still. With total Cart Blanch these are a waste of time.